Empower. Prevent. Heal.


Evidence-based Healing and Wellness

Areas of Practice

Early Detection

A comprehensive lab review and thorough physical exam will guide the discovery of a patient's risk for developing acute and chronic illnesses before symptoms present. A client is asked to bring in all labratory and diagnostic testing that is relevant to their healing needs. 



All devoted care is aligned with the most up-to-date and thoroughly researched evidence. The most recent human clinical studies and relevant large scale meta-analyses are reviewed and applied where they may contribute to your healing process.  


After establishing a patient's risk for disease development, we will work on an individualized care plan to address the lifestyle changes that need to take place to prevent the development and progression of disease. We evaluate current treatments that are already underway to ensure they are working for you. 


We inspire a lifestyle balance of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress relief that is necessary to avoid disease development and heal existing conditions.


Each person has unique nutritional needs to maintain wellness and ward off disease. A collaborative plan will be created and discussed based on these needs. We provide supplement support as well. It is our pleasure to assist with label reading and grocery store tours at your request.                                               

education for change

Time is devoted to each patient's needs. Patient education is vital to the compliance of a care plan and maintenance of wellness. We provide community classes as well. It is important that we all support one another during lifestyle adjustments and encourage one another to stay on track.